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Our Story

Taxstar was born out of frustration experienced by one of the founders of the company, a tax accountant whose clients dropped off 'shoe boxes' of receipts with no organisation. A lot of time was wasted in organising the data that could have been used assisting clients with advice.

So, in 2004 he gathered a few contacts from a range of backgrounds and together they looked for a solution.

After a few trials, in 2007 Taxstar version 1.0 was launched, offering a software product to collect your tax information and then present it in a standard form to your tax agent or accountant. Taxstar 1.0 launched with the Taxstar folder, an A4 folder designed to store the paper documents that were needed by the Australian Taxation Office to support the tax return.

Taxstar 4.0 is the current version, released on 1 January 2017. Taxstar 4.0 supports both Australian, US and Other taxpayers in compiling their tax related information.

Our Story Ends

Unfortunately we have made the difficult decision to cease development of Taxstar. Why? Well, after over 10 years of software development, with in excess of 20 releases, our customer numbers have dropped from thousands to a handful. In addition, the principals of Taxstar have conflicting responsibilities that reduce our ability to continue effectively.

On top of that, the rise of tablet computers and the consequent change of paradigm has left the desktop software behind, as evidenced by our dwindling numbers.

Nevertheless, we are not going out while leaving our loyal customers completely in the lurch. Version 4.0 was released on 1 January 2017 as free software, with all licencing restrictions removed. There are a few additional changes to ensure that you don't require annual updates. Check out the release notes on the software page for further details.

We are deeply grateful for the customers who have stood by us, and we are sorry that circumstances have resulted in this decision. We do hope that you continue to derive assistance from Taxstar 4.0.

Email support will remain until 31 December 2017, after which the Taxstar email addresses will be disabled.

It is possible that parts of Taxstar will be seen in the future in a different guise.

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