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Taxstar 4 is the fourth generation personal tax information software.

With Taxstar 4 you can safely store your tax related information, while separately storing your paper records, and provide a datafile or report of your tax information to your accountant or tax agent on demand.

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Taxstar 4.1 has the following key features:

  • It's free! Taxstar 4.1 will be the final release of Taxstar and has been released without licence restrictions. However, at the same time the encryption feature has been removed - this feature has caused some issues for the last 2 releases, and to limit future issues for those using Version 4.0 we have decided to remove it.
  • Captures key information required for the Australian and US personal tax return
  • Allows you to create unlimited records for unlimited tax years.
  • Allows tax jurisdiction of 'Other' to be used to capture information useful for managing your tax information for locations other than Australia or the USA.
  • Allows you to print all or part of the information captured via the Taxstar report, or save it to a PDF for email
  • Backup and restore your data for safety
  • Clone an existing Profile for ease and simplicity
  • Roll Profile data forwards, backwards and sideways to other Profiles. Optionally you may include financial and capital transactions.
  • Export Profile data for import to another system
  • Import data from other instances of Taxstar 3 and 4
  • Import data from previous versions of Taxstar
  • Add Notes to a Profile or any item within a Profile
  • Add file links to a Profile or any item within a Profile. Files may be stored with your Taxstar data and included in backups - optional.
  • Export your tax-related information in spreadsheet-compatible CSV format so your tax accountant can read it in software such as Microsoft Excel
  • Automatically checks when it is started for updates, and prompts you to download and install the update.
  • Large buttons suitable for use with Windows tablets and touch screen computers. Touch support will be enhanced with each release.
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